LLC Gran Kaskad LTD


About company

LLC “Grand Cascade” is an exclusive supplier of labradorite from Ukraine (brands such as Volga Blue).

Many years of experience working with countries in Europe, the CIS and Asia gives us the opportunity to take into account all the wishes of the customer and also earn a good reputation.

Features of the labradorite we sell:

Blue Volga is a black labradorite, has a unique, coarse-grained structure, which consists of large grains of blue, blue or green. It is considered the most beautiful type of labradorite.

Irina Blue – has a unique structure and noble appearance: a rich, saturated gray color, into which the greenish veins of the olivine mineral are nobly woven.

Black Crystal – the structure is saturated with many crystals, light, bright blue shades. In the process of polishing, they acquire a game of blue color and a stunning appearance. It has high strength, wear resistance and moisture resistance. ‌

We ship products from labradorite in the form of blocks, plates, slab blanks, also in the form of building material.

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